Children are the innocent victims of homelessness and they hold the keys to a brighter future. In order for them to be successful, their material, developmental and health needs must be met.

The program focuses on four key areas of the child's well-being:health, education, hunger and material.

Material Needs:

  • Provision of clothing, car seats, strollers, acquiring birth certificates, social security cards, bus passes, special field trips, school fees, extra-curricular activity fees such as for sports and clubs, uniforms, clothing, shoes, and school supplies.


  • Three nutritional meals a day and snacks.


  • School enrollment and transportation.
  • On-site, after-school tutoring through Project R.I.S.E., homework assistance and advocacy within parent-teacher conferences.
  • Educational field trips


  • Our on-site Care Clinic offers health care for our children at no cost. A full physical is mandatory for all children staying at ACCESS and all follow-up referrals, tests or prescriptions are managed and paid for by ACCESS.
  • Recreational activities, including a child activity room and teen activity room.
  • Family and child counseling and support services to address a variety of issues such as anger management, healthy relationships, HIV prevention, stress management and more.

Make A Donation

Big or small, every donation to ACCESS and the homeless women and children it serves will be greatly appreciated.

  • $25 feeds 25 women and children
  • $100 provides 50 days of school transportation for a child
  • $500 provides health care for 10 children

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