Life Management

Each woman who comes to ACCESS has a story. Each story contains elements of hardship and adversity. The programs at ACCESS are designed to address the challenges that have made it difficult for our homeless clients to sustain housing and employment. We work hard to change their story from one of hardship, to one of success and self-sufficiency.

This program is vital to create new skills for each client, replacing old destructive patterns.

Homeless Case Management: The case management at ACCESS focuses on identifying the obstacles that caused the client’s homelessness and creating a plan to overcome them. Each adult meets with her Case Manager to develop an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) within 48 hours of entering the shelter. This plan outlines the specific goals that are unique to each client. The Case Manager follows up with the client on a weekly basis to ensure that their goals are being met.

Own Your Life Speaker Series: Clients are required to attend classes that are designed to provide the tools necessary to transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency. The classes cover a wide range of topics including financial literacy, interview skills, relationships, life coaching, budgeting, legal aid, maintaining a household, stress management, effective parenting, and more.

Make A Donation

Big or small, every donation to ACCESS and the homeless women and children it serves will be greatly appreciated.

  • $25 feeds 25 women and children
  • $100 provides 50 days of school transportation for a child
  • $500 provides health care for 10 children

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