Sharlene grew up in a northeastern suburb of Akron. She describes her childhood as good and stable. Like most people, she had goals and aspirations. Sharlene graduated from high school and shortly thereafter got a full-time position as an administrative assistant at university. She worked there for almost 20 years.

Another goal of Sharlene’s was to have a family. She married and had two sons. When her sons were teenagers, both of her parents passed away within a short period of time. Her family moved into her childhood home.

One night, shortly after they had moved, Sharlene heard sounds coming from the basement. On closer inspection they found the basement had flooded. They called the police for help, and the police told them they had to evacuate the house immediately. The live wires in the basement were a hazard, and they were pulling the meter on the house. It was a couple days before Christmas and they had nowhere to go.

They came to ACCESS. The shelter provided the boys with presents on Christmas morning. Sharlene took advantage of the classes and enjoyed the structure ACCESS provided. Her Case Manager helped her get her resume together, search for employment opportunities and housing. Within a couple months the family was reunited.

Make A Donation

Big or small, every donation to ACCESS and the homeless women and children it serves will be greatly appreciated.

  • $25 feeds 25 women and children
  • $100 provides 50 days of school transportation for a child
  • $500 provides health care for 10 children

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