Shrita is a single mother who had been to ACCESS twice before. She was bouncing from shelter to shelter and staying with her mom when she could. Her mother was unable to support her. She needed a place of her own. When she came to ACCESS for the 3rd time she was ready to learn. She was tired of the inconsistency, not knowing where she would sleep at night. She was worried about her children. This time when she came to ACCESS, Shrita was determined to find housing. She was engaged in class, she went by the rules, and she absorbed the helpful input presented to her. She learned from the structure at ACCESS and began to build her schedule. She learned how to take better care of her children, especially her autistic son. ACCESS provided resources to help her understand her son’s condition and the best ways to take care of him. The staff at ACCESS was patient with him and really cared.

Now she feels as if a weight has been lifted. It is easier to breathe. Through ACCESS Home, Shrita was able to find permanent supportive housing. It is difficult, but she says, “Things can happen for you.” Don’t ever tell yourself that you can’t do it, because you can. She is happy now. Her blood pressure is normal. Her children are happy. She is more balanced and leveled. From her tragedy, came happiness.

Make A Donation

Big or small, every donation to ACCESS and the homeless women and children it serves will be greatly appreciated.

  • $25 feeds 25 women and children
  • $100 provides 50 days of school transportation for a child
  • $500 provides health care for 10 children

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