Success Stories


Dionna was 19, had dropped out of high school, had a three-year old son, and another child on the way. She had just been fired from her job as a telemarketer and knew if she couldn't pay her share, her cousin would kick her out of the house.

After another fight about money, Dionna knew she needed another place to live. By the end of the month, Dionna was able to...


Cheryl had never had a real home, it seemed. Now Cheryl was 51, unable to make her rent payment due to medical bills and facing eviction. Cheryl saw the ACCESS sign while riding the bus to her court hearing. She called the homeless hotline and was able to be placed into an opening for single women at ACCESS later that week.

Cheryl embraced the programming opportunities. She thrived under the direction...


Janet came from a middle class family and married a construction worker right after completing dental hygienist school. With the birth of their first child, Janet became a stay at home mom. When her husband suddenly left five years later, she was at a loss. He had cleared out the bank account and, she discovered, had not paid the rent for over three months. With no income or savings, Janet...


Rachel became homeless at age 15 shortly after she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She turned to drugs and began living a life on the streets. Then she became pregnant with a baby girl. Her unexpected opportunity to become a mother helped shift her perspective and led her to seek refuge at ACCESS.

ACCESS became Rachel’s way out. The staff helped her find housing and overcome her addictions. Now...


Kristen is a single mother of twin boys. Before coming to ACCESS her life was chaotic. After a serious car accident, she lost her job and was evicted from her apartment. She was staying with family temporarily but things were going downhill quickly. She knew she needed to do something, but she was terrified to enter a shelter. How could this happen to her? How would she explain this to...

Make A Donation

Big or small, every donation to ACCESS and the homeless women and children it serves will be greatly appreciated.

  • $25 feeds 25 women and children
  • $100 provides 50 days of school transportation for a child
  • $500 provides health care for 10 children

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