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Since 1984, ACCESS has served as an emergency shelter for homeless families and homeless single women. Over 500 women and children walk through our doors each year seeking help.

Homelessness is an emotional crisis for everyone involved. Our first priority is to stabilize each family member with a safe, warm and secure place to sleep, balanced nutritious meals, and a supportive environment.

Then the challenging work begins. Our goal is to break the destructive cycle of homelessness through self-sufficiency and personal growth.

Generational poverty, unemployment, addiction, undiagnosed mental and physical health issues - these are just a few of the challenges our residents face daily in their struggle to be independent. ACCESS provides the training, insight, skills and opportunities to assist our clients in overcoming these barriers. Residents participate in intensive one-on-one case management, a focused series of educational forums, and medical services at our on-site health care clinic. We have a comprehensive approach to breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness, and it works.

New healthy habits, new perspectives, new opportunities: transformed lives.